Thursday, January 17, 2013

Get Netspend Visa with a $20 Cash Debit!!!

Get a Free Debit Card With a $20 US Dollar Credit!

 No Monthly Fee !        

  Real $ 20 Cash Credit! 

 This is an actual $ 20 credit to your new  Visa Debit card. Good at most ATMS  Worldwide!

 Can verify your Paypal Account!

 Need a debit card to verify your paypal account?  With this debit card you can verify your  paypal account and withdraw funds .

 Everyone accepted!

 No credit check!!

 How does this work ?

  This is the refer a friend program with Netspend for Netspend members in good standing. We need your name and email and this is forwarded to Netspend. Netspend then sends you an email getting the name for the Visa Debit Card and address to send it to. About a week later you will receive your card. You will need to activate it and load $40 on it. After you do this Netspend will add $ 20 CASH to your account!!

 Why would a company give me $20 ?

 All companies know what it costs to gain a new client. For banking to pay $20 for a new customer is a bargain!!

If I do not go through you and contact Netspend directly will I get the $20 ? No, this is in their refer a friend program. They will send you a card but they will not put $20 on it. That is only for refer a friend program.

 What's in it for you?

 We get $20 for each new client we bring to Netspend. It is as simple as that.

 If I get  a Netspend card with you can I make $20 referring people to Netspend?

 Yes!! As long as you are a member with a valid card with Netspend you can refer to anyone and make $20!! All adults in your household, friends,relatives, when each gets a  card and loads $40 on it, you each get $20!! They now have $60 on their debit card and you get $20.

 How many people can I refer to?

 As many as you want!! The sky is the limit!! You can make flyers up and pass them out around town. Just have your email address on it so people can give you their name and  email address for you to forward to Netspend. You must give netspend the names and email addresses for you and the other person to each get $20!!

 Enough already where do I send my name and email address to get started ??

 I thought you'd never ask!! Send it to